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Projects & Tasks

  • Project manager: Intercostal nevre transfer in phrenic nervus injuries: An experimental study
  • Project manager: Proanthocyanidin to prevent formation of the reexpansion pulmonary edema
  • Project manager: The Effects of Bilateral Thoracic Sympathectomyon Cardiovascular System
  • Project manager: Influence of proanthocyanidin on blunt traumatized lungs after nitrogen mustard exposure (real terror attack simulation)
  • Project manager: An enhanced method of rapid cartilage healing after costal cartilage resection.
  • Project manager: The preventive effect of Taurin in progression of pulmonary edema
  • Project manager: Influence of Proanthocyanidin on blunt traumatized lungs after mustard gas exposure
  • Project manager: Protective effects of Proanthocyanidin on Allograft Renal Oxidative Stress
  • Project manager: The effect of nitrogen mustard on the rat brain and the therapeutic value of proanthocyanidin
  • Project manager: Lung ischemia- reperfusion injury, still a major problem in lung transplantation; is Taurine a new hope?